Question: What Is An Arm Of The Sea Called?

What is a small body of still water?

a small body of still waterA small body of still waterPOOLSmall body of still water (4)POND39 more rows.

What is natural aptitude or skill?

Aptitudes are natural abilities Aptitudes are natural talents, special abilities for doing, or learning to do, certain kinds of things easily and quickly. They have little to do with knowledge or culture, or education, or even interests. … Musical talent and artistic talent are examples of such aptitudes.

What is a straight water?

A strait is a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water. It may be formed by a fracture in an isthmus, a narrow body of land that connects two bodies of water. … A strait can also be formed by a body of water overflowing land that has subsided or has been eroded.

What is a small arm of the sea lake or river called?

INLETsmall arm of the sea / lake/ riverRANKANSWERSmall arm of the sea / lake/ riverINLETEdge of land directly bordering on the sea, lake39 more rows

What is another arm of the Atlantic Ocean?

arm of the atlantic oceanArm of the Atlantic OceanNORTH SEA___ Channel, arm of the Atlantic Ocean linked with the North Sea by the Strait of Dover (7)ENGLISH39 more rows

What note comes after FA?

scale note after faRANKANSWERScale note after faSOLScale note after sol39 more rows

What is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of France?

French La MancheEnglish Channel, also called The Channel, French La Manche, narrow arm of the Atlantic Ocean separating the southern coast of England from the northern coast of France and tapering eastward to its junction with the North Sea at the Strait of Dover (French: Pas de Calais).

What is the shortest distance across the Atlantic?

The shortest distance across the Atlantic Ocean (c. 1,600 mi/2,575 km) is between SW Senegal, W Africa, and NE Brazil, E South America.

What is an arm of the sea?

In geography, an arm is a narrow extension, inlet, or smaller reach, of water flowing out from a much larger body of water, such as an ocean, a sea, or a lake. Although different geographically, a sound or bay may also be called an arm. By extension, a canal arm is a subsidiary branch of a canal or inland waterway.

What is the arm of the Arctic Ocean?

The crossword clue Arctic Ocean arm with 7 letters was last seen on the January 01, 1999….Arctic Ocean Arm Crossword Clue.RankWordClue95%KARASEAArctic Ocean arm95%KARAArctic Ocean arm38%LAPTEV__ Sea (Arctic Ocean arm)4%WHITESEAArm of the Arctic Ocean16 more rows

Who is Eric of Troy?

eric of troyRANKANSWEREric of TroyBANAThracian king who was father of Theano, the wife of Antenor, and husband of Telecleia, a daughter of King Ilus of Troy, as related in Homer’s Iliad (7)39 more rows