Quick Answer: What Is Royal Caribbean Cancellation Policy?

Can I get a full refund from Royal Caribbean?

If you do not opt in for the 125% Onboard Cruise Credit offer, you will receive a full refund of any amounts paid for Cruise Planner purchases to your original payment method within 45 days of your offer window closing.

Your refund will automatically begin processing after the Onboard Cruise Credit offer window closes..

What happens if you cancel a cruise?

Passengers on canceled sailings can get a full refund or a future cruise credit in the amount of 125% of what they paid for the canceled sailing. Those who choose a credit must use it within 15 months of their original travel date.

What does Royal Caribbean travel insurance cover?

The Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program has your bags covered up to $1,500 if they’re lost, stolen or damaged and up to $500 for covered replacement items if they’re delayed.

When did Royal Caribbean cancel cruises?

Royal Caribbean announced it will cancel all of its cruises scheduled in March and April 2021, following similar announcements by Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line to forgo sailings in March due to a combination of the global health crisis and attaining government approval to sail again.

What happens if I cancel my Royal Caribbean cruise?

Non-Refundable Deposit Fares Outside of final payment, when a non-refundable deposit cancellation occurs, you will receive a Future Cruise Certificate in the amount of their designated cruise deposit, less a $100.00 USD per guest change fee.

Am I entitled to a refund if my cruise is Cancelled?

When your trip is cancelled, your cruise operator should offer the choice of an alternative or a refund. When a sailing is cancelled and an overnight stay becomes necessary, your cruise operator should offer you accommodation free of charge, if possible. This can be on board the ship, or ashore.

How do I cancel my Royal Caribbean cruise without penalty?

Need to change or cancel your cruise? If you need to change or cancel your cruise, please contact us by phone or submit our online form to cancel your reservation, or call our Royal Customer Service Team (24 hours / 7 days a week) to change your ship and sail date: 800-256-6649.

Can you cancel a Royal Caribbean cruise online?

If you booked directly with Royal Caribbean via its website or on their site, you can call Royal Caribbean to cancel the reservation. If you prefer to cancel a cruise online, you can refer to the online cancellation form that will provide the different options you have for cancellation.

How do I cancel my cruise?

In order to cancel your cruise, please call us 24/7 at 1-800-288-6006. An automatic cancellation charge of $100 per reservation will be applied to the last credit or debit card used on the account. Our (previously collected) $24.99 processing fee is non-refundable.

Is NCL Cancelling cruises?

Due to the current global environment, we are extending the suspension of cruises to include ALL cruises embarking through March 2021. Previously, we had announced the suspension of cruises on all ships except Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Escape, and Norwegian Joy.

Are itineraries ever be changed at the last minute?

It’s actually in the contract Among other things, cruise documents state that the cruise line reserves the right to change itineraries at their discretion. Many times these changes take place at the last minute due to weather.

How do I contact Royal Caribbean by email?

INTERNATIONAL OFFICESPhone+1-305-341-0204.E-mail: reservasint2@rccl.com.

What is Royal Caribbean lift and shift?

Royal Caribbean’s Lift and Shift program offers guests the option to move their existing cruise reservation one year ahead, and it has intrigued plenty of potential cruisers looking to defer their vacations.

How does Royal Caribbean non refundable deposit work?

Outside of final payment, when a non-refundable deposit cancellation occurs, you will receive a Future Cruise Certificate in the amount of their designated cruise deposit, less a $100 per guest change fee. … Thereafter, the Future Cruise Certificate will expire and becomes invalid.

What is Royal Caribbean refund policy?

If Royal Caribbean cancels your cruise, you can choose a 100% cash refund. If you want to cancel the sailing, you can only get a 100% refund if you are before final payment date, per the terms of the booking you agreed to when reserving the cruise.

How long do Royal Caribbean refunds take?

about 7 to 10 daysIn most cases, refunds will post to the original form of payment about 7 to 10 days after they’re fully processed. However, some refunds may take up to 30 days to post.

What is the cancellation policy for Norwegian Cruise Line?

For all cruises through October 31, 2021, you can cancel up to 2 months before your sailing and receive a full refund under our modified cancellation policy. After October 2021, our normal cancellation window is four months before your cruise vacation.

Why is my cruise refund taking so long?

Why Refunds Take So Long It can take several weeks or months to fully process a cruise travel refund, particularly if the refund involves multiple passengers, several cabins, or complicated booking with add-on drink packages, pre-booked tours, spa appointments, airfare, and airport transfers.