Which Is The Longest Lake In The World?

What are the 5 largest lakes in North America?

The Great Lakes are the five largest lakes in the United States and include Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario.

They are located in the northern Midwest along the border between the United States and Canada..

What is the largest freshwater body in the world?

Lake BaikalLake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world (by volume) and the world’s deepest lake.

Why is Black Sea not a lake?

If you compare to the Mediterranean there is less salt in the Black Sea, and there is less salt in Caspian Sea if you compare with Black Sea. … – During ice age most of the time Black Sea was cut off from the oceans due to evaporation, that means it should have been called Black Lake until about 9000 years ago.

What is the deepest lake in Africa?

Lake Tanganyikathe largest of Africa’s Great Rift Valley lakes, the second largest of all African lakes, and the fifth largest of the world’s lakes; the deepest of all African lakes and the second deepest lake in the world; and….Outlook.Characteristics of Lake TanganyikaDepth (m) mean maximum570 1,470Volume (km3)18,88019 more rows

Where is the largest lake in the world?

Caspian SeaThe largest lake in the world by a long shot is the Caspian Sea – a name that hints at a past when it was contiguous with the ocean around 11 million years ago. This massive saline lake, which is nearly the same size as Japan, borders five countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Iran.

Which is the smallest lake in the world?

Benxi LakeWelcome to Liaoning. Benxi Lake in Liaoning Province was lately approved by Guinness World Records as “the world’s smallest lake”. The lake was named after Benxi City where it is located. As a natural lake, Benxi Lake is only 15 m² large, yet the water is quite clear.

Which two Great Lakes are divided Niagara Falls?

Lake ErieThe waterfalls of Niagara Falls are located on the Niagara River which connects two of the five Great Lakes. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Collectively the waterfalls are named Niagara Falls.

Which country has the best lakes?

Countries With The Most Lakes8) Argentina – 13,600.7) Norway – 20,000.6) Brazil – 20,900.5) Sweden – 22,600.4) China – 23,800.3) USA – 102,500.2) Russia – 201,200.1) Canada – 879,800.More items…•Feb 21, 2021

What is the clearest river in the world?

Top 10 Clearest WatersThe Blue River, Greenland. … Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue Island, Seychelles. … The Blue Lake, South Island, New Zealand. … Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Maranhão, Brazil. … Menorca, Spain. … Sardinia, Italy. … Maldives. … Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia.More items…

What is the prettiest lake in the US?

The 20 most beautiful lakes in the US, rankedSanteetlah Lake, North Carolina. Lake Santeetlah features 76 miles of shoreline and 200 miles of hiking trails.Crater Lake, Oregon. … Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona. … Mono Lake, California. … Maroon Lake, Colorado. … Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada. … Lake George, New York. … Lake Jocassee, South Carolina. … More items…•May 15, 2018

What is the name of world’s longest lake?

Caspian SeaList of lakesNameLength1Caspian Sea*1,199 km (745 mi)2Superior616 km (383 mi)3Victoria322 km (200 mi)4Huron332 km (206 mi)42 more rows

Which Great Lake is the most dangerous?

Lake MichiganLake Michigan is being called the “deadliest” of all the Great Lakes.

What are the 6 countries that have freshwater?

It is just because Amazon region this country contains 70% of the total freshwater.Russia. Freshwater (Cubic Kilometre): 4,508. … United States of America. Freshwater (Cubic Kilometre): 3,069. … Canada. Freshwater (Cubic Kilometre): 2,902. … China. Freshwater (Cubic Kilometre): 2,840. … Colombia. … European Union. … Indonesia. … Peru.More items…•Sep 20, 2018

Which is the saltiest lake in the world?

Don JuanWith a salinity level over 40 percent, Don Juan is significantly saltier than most of the other hypersaline lakes around the world. The Dead Sea has a salinity of 34 percent; the Great Salt Lake varies between 5 and 27 percent. Earth’s oceans have an average salinity of 3.5 percent.

What is the coldest lake on Earth?

Lake VidaThe coldest lake in the world is the Lake Vida, a saline water lake situated in the Victoria valley in the Antarctic continent. It has the average temperature of -13 degrees Centigrade. It is teeming with the microbial life. The ice cap on the lake is around 2,800 years old.

Where is the most beautiful lake in the world?

Top Destinations Crater Lake, Oregon. Dead Sea, Jordan. Lake Como, Italy. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia. Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand. Lake Pichola, India. Lake Tahoe, California. Lake Baikal, Russia.More items…•May 16, 2019